Friday, October 13, 2006

don't worry, i have today off...

but i worked late last night to make sure that everything was done, so i could be sure to be able to be away today. there were so many SNAFUs while working late that i started giggling incesantly.

SNAFU #1 - At 8pm the lights went out, I called the number to get them to turn back on (no, there is no light switch, you have to call a number and enter a code) and got nothing but a busy signal. I tried and tried at random intervals until about 8:30, never did manage to get them on, always a busy signal.

SNAFU #2 - Just as I finished the document I was working on and was about to print it to proof-read it my computer got a blue screen of death, did and did a physical memory dump. (thankfully it was saved on the network drive, so someone else was able to retrieve it today)

SNAFU #3 - I tried to log back into my machine and it wouldn't let me, then it locked me out of the system.

SNAFU #4 - The bathroom lights are on a motion sensor, apparently when the lights aren't on the motion sensor doesn't work in the bathroom. I had to pee with the stall door open so that I could see well enough to sit down and find the toilet paper.

I spent a lot of time giggling over this. It really is amazing how so much can happen in a short period of time...

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