Tuesday, October 10, 2006

i need home for a rest

but not because i'm so sick from the drink, and not because these so-called-vacations will soon be my death...

no no, just because i'm plain old wiped out.

because i haven't had a vacation.

because i'm so busy i barely get to go home to sleep.

because i seem to be getting a cold.

because i have a cold sore.

because my back seems to suddenly have decided to stop working.

because because because.

i'm officially exhausted.

i have loads to do at work, but i seem to be brain-dead right now. i can't seem to start one of the things i need to do. i'm avoiding it and i don't know why. the best answer i've been able to come up with is that i just don't want to do anything.


sorry, apparently i've just become a whiny bint, eventually i will be interesting again, i promise.

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