Monday, October 16, 2006

fingers crossed

so, in theory things should calm down this week. i plan to leave work on time. we'll see how it goes.

so far i do have plans for tuesday, wednesday and thursday nights, but they're all good happy plans. tuesday i am helping a friend with interview prep, wednesday i'm getting a massage and thursday i am ushering at opening night of a play at passe muraille.

i'm trying to avoid making plans for the weekend, i would like to have the option of decompression time available. however, i am sorely tempted to gather a group of folks together to go to canada's wonderland for their haunted amusement park thingy "fearfest". it looks silly, but it's cheap entry into the park, and i haven't gone on those rides in a billion years. i don't know if i would suggest friday or saturday. my gut says saturday, but i think it's going to depend on the weather.

so, i'm going to make a bit more of an effort to try and get back into writing here now that things are hopefully calming down.

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