Friday, November 03, 2006

mayor miller and the toronto port authority

not to get political or anything, but since when can you say a report is shite and untrue just because you don't like what it says?

some really quick background for those of you outside of toronto... there is a downtown airport heretofor refered to as the island airport. the current mayor really hates the island airport. the island airport is run by a federal gov't agency the toronto port authority. the federal government commissioned a report on the port authority, the mayor was happy because he thought it would encourage the feds to disband the port authority and hand the running of this stuff over to the city, at which point the mayor could squash commercial flights from the island airport.


the report essentially said the port authority was doing find and reccomended the status quo.

at which point the mayor said "the report isn't worth the paper it's written on". the explanation of why this was not a worthy report? well, all i heard (this was all on a radio show this morning) was that it was against the will of the people.

i should take a moment to point out here that i could care less about the report, about the island airport, about the hubub. i really have no position on it one way or another. for me i suppose it's an out of sight, out of mind kind of issue. i'm not likely to ever use the airport, nor does it infringe on my day to day life.

but when you end up saying a report is crap because it doesn't say what you were hoping it would say, well, one would hope that you would have some reasons to back up your statments. like, i don't know, pointing out a flaw in the research, or pointing out that research conducted wasn't used, or something. and who knows, maybe all of that happened. and maybe that's what mayor miller said, who knows, maybe it's just been reported badly. in which case he needs better speaking notes. because really, these ones are just making him look like an idiot.

just to be fair, i did find online a quote from him saying:
"I find the report, it's really unsubstantive," responded Mayor David Miller. "I was very surprised by the tone and quality of this report."

which is vaugely better, but not much.

but this isn't the only time i've noticed this. lately people have been saying things are wrong and the only reasoning for why it's wrong is because it's not what they expected/wanted...

people are weird.

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