Wednesday, November 22, 2006

child at heart

apparently i have reverted to my 6 year old self.

i want it to be christman NOW!

now now now!

why isn't it christmas yet!?!

this is particularily amusing when you consider that i haven't really started my christmas shopping, and i really do need to get some stuff done and started.

but nonetheless i am impatiently anticipating christmas.

i am so very excited about this christmas. more excited than i have been in years.

i am not going to do any running around on christmas day, or even boxing day for that matter.

usually christmas day for us is chrismas morning somewhere, then brunch somewhere else, then chirstmas dinner somewhere else, then another christmas on boxing day. it's bloody exhaisting.

but not this year. this year i will have christmas morning with my favourite people, then mellow for the rest of the day. maybe catch a matinee, maybe go for chinese food, definitely nap. just generally hang out.

i'm very excited!

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