Monday, November 20, 2006

an email conversation in 6 parts

John: There's a Beaver's tail outside by the path. I'm confused.

Mainja: Like a doughy pastry yummyness, or a severed body part?

John: The latter. (The former, I think, would be called a Beavertail rather than a Beaver's tail)I'd be grossed out about it if I weren't so confused.

Mainja: Ewwwwwww.That's horrible!!!!!!!!!! (here I proceeded to send it to a million people in the office complex)

John: Well, if they're interested, they can go see it by the new stone path between Mcdonald block and Whitney block. Closer to the Ferguson block. Unless whatever left it there has now taken it again.

Now in the email conversation, a friend who will be known as chuckles to protect her innocence...

Chuckles: Ha! John said 'beaver'.

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