Wednesday, November 15, 2006

return on investment

i have decided that there is an investment that the ontario government could make that would reep far more than was sewn.

the ontario government should start providing their employees with free coffee in the office.

the return on investment (refered to as ROI from here on in) would be dramatic.

there would be an ROI on time, as employees would no longer need to trudge out and find a coffee delivery mechanism. although these are currently in the building, they are still 'away' by a certain margin, so going to buy a coffee, including standing in line, usually takes 15 - 20 minutes. 15 - 20 minutes that could be spent writing a briefing note instead of searching out coffee.

there would be an ROI on productivity, because really, who isn't more productive with caffiene in their system? sure, you might say that people are going to get coffee anyway so that is a moot issue, but in fact, i have many a time been working towards a deadline and not had time to get coffee. sometimes i'm lucky enough to catch someone on their way and thrust my travel mug and toonie in their hand, but more often than not i go without caffiene.

there would be an ROI on moral since everyone would think, 'gee, they must really value me as an employee to splurge for free coffee!'. okay. this one might be a stretch, but probably someone would think it, and if you make a difference for one person, just one person, doesn't that make it all worth while?

there would be an ROI in actual time spent on work, because instead of writing about not having coffee in their blogs, civil servants would already have coffee and therefore nothing to write about, and therefore time only for work related activities.

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