Thursday, November 16, 2006

drinking on a school night

it's possible, just possible mind you, that one should not get plastered on a weeknight.

it was pretty hard dragging my ass out of bed today.

having said that, i had a really fun night last night.

i have a friend who i see on a semi-annual basis, last night was the second time i've seen him since we moved to toronto last august. the irony is that for the first chunk of our friendship he spent time telling me to move to toronto. then we moved to toronto and he moved to orangeville. silly bugger.

anyway, it's always lovely to see him, except for the part where it reminds me how much i miss him.

and then another friend (noone, that sexy librarian man...) came by, which was also very nice, because, well, he's one of the people i love most in this world, so it's always lovely to see him.

so, maybe it was worth the hang over, although i imagine i could have done all those things without quite as much alcohol.

and now, off to the oh-so-productive day ahead...

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