Tuesday, November 28, 2006

anger is a bitch

do you ever get angry about something that you really wish you could just forget?

i am not generally an angry person, it usually takes a lot for me to get angry, but apparently not today.

and here's the kicker, i'm angry about something that i really shouldn't care about.

the story is pretty long and boring and not actually the point of the post, but basically it has to do with me agreeing to research something, then suddenly expected to plan it (i'm fine still at this point) because no one else is, and then being shit on for my plans.

and seriously, in all normal real world situations i wouldn't care. but for some reason, tonight i'd driving me crazy.

i'm angry enough that i'm feeling it in my body, i feel myself all tense and yucky, i am clenching my teeth, i am thinking about it over and over again, and i can't seem to let it go.

and i know that it's stupid and i shouldn't care, which somehow makes it worse.

i have no idea where this is coming from, and i really wish i could just not worry about it, not be angry, but then i think about the fact that i'm going to have to deal with it more tomorrow, and then i'm angry all over again.


i wish i could just take some mega sleeping pill to knock me out until it's all over and done with.

bleh again.

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