Tuesday, March 08, 2005

it's unpleasantly like being drunk

what's so unpleasant about being drunk?
ask a glass of water.*

so, i have a migrane, and it feels a bit like being drunk, only without any of the good bits. fuzzy vision. hard to focus. can't think. saying weird things that don't really make sense, but i'm saying them with authority so people seem to accept it until they walk away and then come back and say, "wait, what?"

drugs weren't doing anything. kate suggested i have coffee. it seems to be working. yay kate! (and no, it's not a caffeine withdrawl headache, i don't normally drink coffee, it's just that caffeine does something about expanding capilaries so your blood flow increases and, i don't know, apparently that makes you hurt less).

*sorry to all those who were getting excited and ready for a douglas adams themed post, it's just what was floating in my head is all, no exciting douglas adams news... hey, paddy, was it you that hated hitchhikers guide to the galaxy? i seem to remember having a friend who did...

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