Sunday, March 06, 2005

sucker for sequels

i don't know why this is floating around in my head right now, but man, i wish they'd make a sequel to tank girl. i mean, they even introduced the character sub girl (the weird woman who had the statue of the 'ripper' that the little girl made instead of a doris day bust).

i love that movie. nothing like seeing a sexy woman run around blowing things up and beating people up. okay, truth be told, that doesn't describe the movie at all, that more describes tomb raider, except that i think tank girl is WAY sexier than laura croft, 'cause she's, well, you know, interesting. the movie is filled with amazing music and every once in a while there is some stunning shot that you just gape at the beauty of (the 'shower' scene comes to mind). but it's not just the woman beating people up, it's the woman beating people up, and a song and dance number in the middle of the movie. it's that kind of thing that gets me. god, i love that movie. i think i'm going to have to watch it again soon.

yep, my two favourite movies, tank girl and lilies. they are *very* different movies. but i highly reccomend them both.

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