Tuesday, March 01, 2005

counter proposal

so, i have a counter proposal for john's proposal of not selling for a year that encompasses all his points about not selling/buying until next year.

it involves still not buying until next year, but selling this year and getting an apartment until then.

i have been doing a bit of searching around for one bedroom apartments and have found that you can get a reasonable one bedroom apartment for in around $900 a month in toronto. and you don't have to pay property taxes or maintinance or gas bills on top of that. at most you have to pay hydro. so way cheaper than having a house, even our house right now in guelph. so we could still be saving money, only instead of going as equity into our house it would be going into some kind of investments. when you add onto that saving the buckets of money i spend on commuting and that john will soon enough be spending on commuting, well, bob's your uncle!

plus it would get us to toronto and let us look for a house here at a more leisurly pace.

so, i'm presenting the proposal to him tonight and crossing my fingers.

unfortunately it doesn't address the *I HATE CHANGE* statement echoing and bouncing around in the back of john's proposal. it still involves change, it means he doesn't get to just stick with the status quo.

we'll see how it goes.

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