Friday, February 25, 2005

it's finally over people!

so, last night i slept at cameron's, bed bug free!

and oh god was it good to see cameron, i've been missing him like mad. we stayed up way too late talking but it was well worth it. i've missed him so much.

since cameron doesn't get home until late i spent the evening with dickey, much fun. for some reason one of my favourite moments was when normlr called and i said something in the background and dickey said "no no, she's a friend friend". apparently normlr asked dickey if he had a 'lady friend' over. i have no idea why, but that makes me giggle.

oh, and i made us dinner, a sort of chicken satay with basmati and broccoli sort of steamed (well, really lightly boiled really) in a garlicy limey mixture. it was tasty.

all in all, i had a fabulous night hanging out with a really fun new friend and a wonderful old friend.

***UPDATE*** (2:40pm)

okay, i spoke to soon. i have some bed bug bites. *sigh* that sucks. you know why it sucks the most? because it means until he moves i don't get to live with cameron. and i love cameron. a lot. and i love living with him. a lot.

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