Monday, February 21, 2005

a quicky post

okay, somehow i managed to go the WHOLE weekend without posting anything. my oh my.

and now i'm at work so i can't really post. but here's a quicky post to tide you over...

Saturday in the car on the way home from the grocery store:

on the radio: news of an prison-break and escape of a couple of former advisors to jean-bertrand aristide. it then went on to explained that aistide escaped haiti in march 2004 amid violent protests and he is now living in exile in south africa.

megan: laughing, because, for some reason it struck her funny, although she would never be able to explain why

john: (in what he thought, but was sorely mistaken, was a good south african accent) yes, please, come to south africa. since the fall of apartheid our evil quotient has fallen significantly...

megan: now laughing even more. with much gusto. yay john.

additional note: when john mentioned that he thought it was done in a good south african accent i said "have you met peiter?" in that sarcastic kind of way, but he did me one better (since peiter is a friend of the family's and we haven't talked to him in a while), he said "or dave?". somehow in my mental picture of the south african people we know peiter came up even though we haven't seen him in probably two years almost, but dave, who is a friend of ours who we have seen recently, who's wedding we went to, who we drink beer with, dave didn't pop into my head. ah. the mind. so much fun.

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