Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Playing favourites

Okay, so, do you have a public bathroom that you use regularily, like, say, one at work?

I do.

Whenever I go into it I want to go into the same stall. I go into the second stall. It's the stall I went into my first day of work and it's the stall I've used every day since.

Until today. Someone was in *MY* stall! Twice! That's right, I had to use the stall next to it, I had to use a stall other than *my* stall. I'm telling you, my life is so bloody hard sometimes. ;)

So, here's my question, is this just another one of my weird little OCD behaviours that crop up from time to time, or is this a normal thing. Do you have a prefered stall (or urinal for guys I guess) or do you just go to one at random?

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