Wednesday, February 23, 2005

and again...

so, michael was on the bus again tonight. and again we pretended to not see each other. of course we also sat 3 seats apart so i could listen to him talking on his cell, and he could listen to me.

it was a bit surreal actually because it was michael's voice, but it was a very adult sounding conversation. i don't mean adult in that fun dirty way, i mean, adult in that grown up kind of way. michael and i stopped hanging out on a regular basis when we were around 19 or 20. in my memory he's still essencially a teenager. it's funny to listen to him as an adult.

also of course it got my mind reeling, wondering why he's commuting, has he moved back to guelph? if so, why? john usually has the scoop on him 'cause they talk and 'cause he hears from jme, but not this time, john knows no scoop.

anyway, i'm thinking of emailing him at some point and saying 'hey, michael, you know how we keep pretending not to see each other on the bus? kinda funny eh?' and basically just make sure that i explain to him that it's because that's my decompression time and it's not at all because i don't want to spend time with him. 'cause i do. i really really do. in fact, for the last couple years i keep thinking i need to make a more concerted effort to hang out with him 'cause when i see him at random music festivals or weddings or parties i am reminded of what a great guy he is. i mean, really, presumably he was one of my best friends for a reason, yeah, we've both changed, but there's probably some kind of a core being that still exists, right?

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