Wednesday, March 02, 2005

things i see that make me happy...

today i started out the day in a most delightful way.

i went to the bathroom in the bus station.

oh, sorry, right, no, that wasn't the delightful bit, although it was surprisingly undisgusting (look ma! i made up a word!).

while sitting on the toilet merrily peeing away i looked up at the stall door.

carved into the stall door was various graffitti, pretty abortive and unoriginal mostly. a hell of a lot of "MM + JB = true love", of course surrounded by the oh so important heart, so that we, the captive audience, know that when they say true love, they aren't fooling around, i mean, look at that, they took the time to draw a heart around it!

nestled amoungst all these algebra love equations, i spied this little gem:

"suzy + big tub of cookie dough ice cream and dvd's of sex in the city seasons 1-6 = true love"

so, as i peed, alone in the stall, i laughed out loud.

i also really wished there was a way to tip suzy, or congratulate her, or just tell her that she kicks my ass. and also, you know, just thank her for such an excellent start to my day.

so, who knows, maybe suzy reads this blog (anything can happen, pirate was reading dickey's blog, right?) and she will see her words in interweb fame.

oh, and yes, this is another toilet post, i guess it had just been too long, i was losing my status as a toilet blog. ;)

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