Monday, March 07, 2005

incongruous sights

every day i walk from the bus station to my office, and i walk down elizabeth street to do it, this is a bit of a hospital row...

well, today i saw a woman in a car looking at an ultrasound and holding her hand on her belly. that's a pretty normal, and kind of nice (assuming all is well) sight. the thing that seemed so incongruous for me was that she wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

i don't know, i mean, although it still baffles me, i guess if you're not going to bother protecting yourself in a car, whatever, your problem. but, um, well, don't people tend to do stuff to protect their baby when their pregnant? you know, not smoking, or drinking, cut down on caffiene, stop shooting heroine, you know, stuff like that. wouldn't you think they'd also, oh, i don't know, take the second and a half it takes to put on their seatbelt?!?

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