Monday, September 24, 2007

sigh - faith based school funding, wtf

so, there's an election campaign going on here. one party is making a big deal about saying that they will bring all faith based schools into the public school system (right now, for some bizarre reason, Ontario has a public system that includes catholic schools)

isn't this kind of backwards?

he says it's because it's unfair to fund only one religion and we need to be inclusive. i agree with him there. it's ridiculous to fund one religion and not the others. but really, why not just not fund any religions?

i guess technically we don't have separation of state and religion in Canada, but, ugh. i don't know, i'm not sure what i was going to say, and i have to rush away anyway.

but yeah, seems dumb. seems dumb that there are any religious schools funded. no religious schools in the public system. how hard is that?!?!!?

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