Monday, September 10, 2007

the new digs

So, my new place of work is a cube. Not the end of the world. We all knew the offices were an anomaly and were going to go at some point.

My new cube has big huge windows that face south down Bay street. I forgot to bring my camera to show you.

There are two challenges.

The first is that the way my office is configured the only place to put my computer means it's backlit by a big sunny window. I squint while I type.

The second is that the only way to pull down the blinds is to climb over the desks onto the window sill, and I really am not a climb on the desk kind of person.

Oh, and one other thing, that really shouldn't matter, but is still irksome, my computer monitor faces the world (we have no back walls, only side ones, that way more light gets into the space) so everyone can see what I'm working on. This is fine, but it will be interesting to see if it leads to a situation of people commenting on what I'm working on as they walk past.

Mostly though I'm sticking with the 'change is good' theory.

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