Monday, March 12, 2007

I could have done without the fire...

In a valiant effort at returning from the dead today I made my way into the office.

It was pretty nice to be back. The human contact was wonderful. The work was interesting and, frankly, distracted me from still feeling kinda cruddy.

That is until the fire alarm went off around 10. At which point we all piled out of the building, smelling some kind of burning plastic smell on our way out. We stood around outside for an hour, and although it isn’t cold per se, it’s certainly cold and damp enough that, when I’m fighting whatever hellacious plagues are being visited upon my body, I probably shouldn’t have been standing out in it for a hour.

And the hour was only how long it was until they told us it would be another hour before we could go in. There was apparently a car fire in the underground garage and they had to vent the building.

Around noon I made my way back into the building and cold smell the smoke and chemical burnt plastic smell. Not the best when you have a sore throat. So, I spent the afternoon with a headache and a sore throat, as did many of my colleagues. I’m sure it was psychosomatic, but still, good god, honestly, the timing of this, well, I don’t know, I’m going back to “I’m not sure what I did in a past life to have this stuff visited upon me, but boy it must have been a doozey!”

The whining will end eventually, I promise.

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