Tuesday, December 06, 2005

what a difference distance makes

today marks the anniversary of the l’école polytechnique shooting in montreal. 16 years ago today 14 women were killed by some crazy guy who felt like they shouldn't be there because they're women.

it's always a day i used to look back at what has been achieved for women, and also a day i take a long hard look at where we stand, and what is left to do.

but here's my observation for today. where the hell are the remembrances today? technically this is the national day of remembrance and action on violence against women. but if you go to the cbc homepage you won't see anything about the shootings or the remembrance.

it fades further and further into the distance. seeps out of our conciousness. i always find it interesting how that happens.

at least when i look out my window the flags are at half-mast...

okay, either i'm blind, or cbc updated their website. they do have an article on it...

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