Monday, December 05, 2005

i dunno

i'm feeling a bit off.

not bad per se.

but off.

and, oddly, everything is making me want to cry, but i'm not sad. i mean to say, it's not that everything is making me sad, but rather that everything is causing a physiological response of liquid springing from my tear ducts. no emotion attached. kind of like sneezing.

i'm sneezing tears from my tear ducts.

i do wonder what this is about...


i worry that perhaps i have given the wrong impression with my sad attempt at being witty. it's not that my eyes are watering. it really is crying, with all the physical stuff along with that, blood rushing to face, throat closing etc. it's just that while i'm crying i'm not feeling particularily sad or happy (just in case someone suggests they're tears of joy).

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