Friday, December 09, 2005

need some christmas help

so. you know how people usually ask what they should get their friends, family and spouse for christmas?

yeah, that's not an issue for me. i'm pretty confident that i am a good gift giver, it's just something i'm good at, go figure.

anyway, what i do need help with though is what the hell to put on my list.

john and i aren't exchanging presents this year, we're just doing stockings, so it's not that big a deal with him, he has until the end of january to figure out what to get me for my birthday. but we draw names in his family and the person who drew my name wants to know what's on my wish list. i'm drawing a blank.

all i've come up with so far is a new hand blender 'cause mine is kind of cracked and old and i was thinking the other day i wouldn't mind a new one.

oh, and i guess a rotiserie, although, i've kind of gotten over wanting that since i found the delicious chicken breasts at costco (yeah yeah, i'm evil, they're evil, i know, but they have fun stuff!) which are pre-cooked and sliced for $16/kg, which is how much raw boneless skinless chicken breasts are at the grocery store, so i just keep that around for my chicken through the week instead of roasting a chicken on sunday and pulling it off the bones. wait. what the hell was i talking about? oh yeah, christmas presents. wish lists.

so, now's your chance, suggest things for me to ask for for christmas.

a couple other things i though of (although they're on the pricey side) are:
- an AGO membership
- a subscription to factory theatre, buddies in bad times or tarragon theatre (i'm volunteering at theatre passe muraille, so i don't really need a pass)
- movie gift certificates (*eyeroll* boooorrrrrring)

any other thoughts on what i should ask for? things that are good to know about me - i'm a foodie, i like to cook, i like theatre, well, actually 'the arts' in general, i like entertaining, i drink red wine, i can do the hokey pokey, i'm short, i like to sing, i like to sleep, i like to read, i like to laugh. there, hopefully that will help...

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