Sunday, December 11, 2005

fun discovery

so, last night i went out to see a friend's band (careless) at the free times cafe on queen street and they were double booked with another band. which, annoying as it may have been for them, worked out great for us. because it meant that we got to discover some fun new music.

well, actually two fun new musics, since we hadn't seen/heard careless before, and they were really great, i will be going again and i reccomend you go too. but we were expecting to hear and see them.

the unexpected fun new music? it's jon brooks. he's got kind of a folky tom waits sound to him. it was great. i loved him. bought the cd and everything.

i remember someone saying to me sometime within the last year that they had decided to only buy cd's of people they had seen live. although i'm not going to go so far as that (i loves me some ella fitzgerald, and the chances of me ever seeing her live are certainly in the nil category), i have decided that i'd like to discover some new bands, go to a lot more live music, and go with the intention of, if i like the music, buying the cd.

i didn't buy the careless cd 'cause i'd run out of money, but also because i figure i could just say to hari sometime, "hey, hari, i wanna buy a cd" and i'd be able to get on, which is less likely with someone that i'm not friends with...

so, this has been added to my goals for life in toronto - go see more live music. even if it's during our 'frugal' time, 'cause you can go see lots of stuff for $5 covers.

oh oh oh, hey! this can be a new year's resolution! i never make new year's resolutions, but this seems like a damn good one. more live music. excellent!

and another new year's resolution? go play scrabble in a cafe with snooze.

look, i have two!

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