Wednesday, September 17, 2008

VOTE!! Vote now!!! Okay, not now, but VOTE IN OCTOBER!!!

And now, a message from my mother:


Hi all

After 37 years as of being a Canadian voter I've decided it's time to do more than vote.  It's time to encourage all eligible Canadians to vote, and to ask as many people as I know to encourage everyone they know to vote.

Doesn't matter how anyone votes, I'd just like to see a Canadian government that represents something more than 25% of eligible Canadian voters.  (If my math is right that's the percentage of Canadians who elected our minority government.)

Until the election I'll be using my blog, Living in the Country, as a platform to beat my personal election drum.  I'll be writing about the Canadian federal election and the campaigns in as neutral a way as I can.  No doubt you'll all be able to figure out where I stand so I'll say upfront that I'm fairly left-wing but am to the right of Attila the Hun on some issues. 

If you're comfortable doing it could you please send this email on to everyone - or as many people as you feel comfortable sending it to - in the hopes that we can all persuade at least one person, who wouldn't otherwise, to vote in the upcoming election on October 14.

If we each persuade one person to vote we'll have made a difference.


So, now, just for a flavour, here's an excerpt from her blog entry:

Get involved - Vote!

We get the government we vote for.  Personally I'd rather bite off my right arm than vote conservative (tell us what you really think Sam) but if a majority of Canadian voters want a conservative government I can live with that.

In the last election about 65% of eligible voters actually voted.  The Conservatives formed a minority government with about 39% of the popular vote (popular doesn't refer to the Miss Congeniality vote, it means the number of people across Canada who actually voted.)  That means that 25% of eligible voters wanted a conservative government.

It brings a whole new meaning to the idea of minority government.

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