Sunday, November 25, 2007

and so it goes...

well, through the weekend.

things are normalizing. time heals and all that.

i have yet another insane week ahead. par for the course.

lots of theatre for the next few weeks, which is pretty exciting.

in the world of things that i think i'd like to do, but will likely never do, i discovered that in the community building thingy in priceville has a stage, so now i'm thinking of maybe putting on some kind of production in the summer.

we'll see.

so, shows i'm going to in the next little while:

- age of arousal at factory theatre
- for the pleasure of seeing her again at alumnae theatre
- little shop of horrors at canstage
- white christmas at the sony centre (formerly the hummingbird centre, fomerly the okeefe centre)
- the nutcraker (national ballet of canada)

busy time indeed. *grin*

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