Sunday, October 28, 2007

the interview

okay, I've had some requests by email and in the comments to give a bit more detail on the interview I had on Thursday.

First - Yes, still in the government. In fact, still in one of the two ministries I work for right now.

Second - Yes, still in Toronto.

Third - Not a promotion, a lateral move. Just something I'm really interested in.

I won't know anything about the results of this for at least a couple of weeks. It felt fine, but government interviews are really really hard to gauge. I didn't embarass myself, I know one of the people on the interview panel, and I won't be avoiding her in the future out of shame...

The job is in a brand new unit, so I get to be somewhere from the very begining, which is very exciting for me.

That said, I'm pretty happy where I am and the idea of leaving is kind of sad, so really, if get it, or if I don't, they are both good outcomes...

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