Sunday, October 14, 2007

What I learned at Canada's Wonderland

1. I will never again go to an amusement park in the summer (We rode several rides 3 times in a row. 3 times is the most though, because by the 3rd time it's not quite as exciting, you need to give your body a break so that it forgets what's in store, so you just go to another ride and ride it 3 times, then back to the original one and ride it for the 4th to 6th time and so on)

2. Even though I haven't been to Canada's Wonderland in 10 years, I still remember where rides are.

3. Did I mention about never going in the summer again? I went on 5 times more rides thanI have ever done before, and was there for less time.

4. If you order your tickets online they are way less than paying at the gate, and yet they are still expensive ($35ish instead of $55) - all in all it makes for an expensive day, since it's $70 plus tax to get in for two people, and then it's $6 for a hotdog, $3.50 for a pop, etc etc. I guess that's why we used to take picnics.

5. Late in the season the ride operators get punchy and start flirting with each other over the ride annoucment loud speakers, another reason to go in October.

To sum up - when going to an amusment park, a fall visit includes far more amusement.

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