Tuesday, April 24, 2007

crazy cab driver

I'm in Sudbury, I took the train here (lovely train ride, it was beautiful scenery, fun people to talk to, dome car to look out, I would highly reccomend it). But the trick is that the train doesn't go to the train station proper anymore, it now goes to 'Sudbury Junction', which is just outside of the city.

We called a cab and got an *INSANE* cab driver.

Seriously, I feared for my life. The person I was sharing the cab with said he never gets carsick, but he did at this point.

The guy was going over 100km/hr down a city street.

All I'm saying is yay for being alive! *grin*

Apparently I'm now going over to my friend's room to watch the Raptor's game, because, you know, me and sports, we're tight.

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