Thursday, March 22, 2007

For folks in Toronto - wanna see some live theatre for free?

So, the format of my theatre reviews on is that I always have a show-partner, so that there are always two opinions in every review. I try to take a different person every time, so I'm looking for some more people.

Here's what I'm expecting to go to and when I'm expecting to go...

April 4 - Edward Scissorhands the musical - touring company from the UK

April 10 - Revisited - at Harbourfront

April 17 - Noble Parasites - at Theatre Passe Muraille

April 24 - If We Are Women - at Alumnae Theatre

May 1 - Don't Dress for Dinner - Village Players

So, if you haven't been to a show with me yet (and won't be going to one with me next week...) and you are either in Toronto, or willing to make the trek in here, then let me know if any of these interest you.

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