Tuesday, February 08, 2005

yay dickey!

so, i did my first social outing in toronto tonight. i went out for drinks with dickey. i met him at 5:45 and just got home now (11:40ish).

we had a wicked time. well, i had a wicked time, and i'm assuming that since he put up with me for 6 hours he had a decent time too. *grin*

anyway, i am happy to say that people like dickey make me happy to be making the move to the big smoke and i hope to spend lots more time with him.

btw, any available men or women reading this, dickey, he's hot and funny and smart and wonderful and you should snap him up in a second!

night all!


so, apparently dickey can't hold his liquor ;) see, last night when he dared me to have another pint i told him i could drink him under the table and he didn't believe me. oh ye of little faith...

however, even hungover he can post something more interesting than me, even though it's about a conversation i participated in.

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