Saturday, February 05, 2005

making connections with long lost friends

so you ever have really strong desires to reconnect with people who used to be in your life but aren't anymore? i've been having a lot of that lately. i think it has something to do with wanting to recapture my youth.

i would love to find out what these people are doing with their lifes and i would love to have a conversation with them and find out what has being going on.

(and hey, in case any of them are reading this blog, it's me, megan mooney, you know, from lusaka, zambia, barbados, guelph, quebec)

they are:
- rhett titus (all i know about him right now thanks to google is that he's still playing hockey in ottawa...)

- lucy smith (yeah, good luck googling a name like that, oh, and her parents? john smith and jill smith - seriously people, i'm not making this up) lucy was my best friend in barbados. she was wicked. i loved hanging out with her and missed her desperately when i left. anyway, her dad was in the british navy and that's about as much i have to track her down with. so, i'm not holding my breath on that one...

- then from my guelph youth i'm kind of curious about whatever happened to neil ince (who i spent a rediculous amount of time with in grade 6), phil fisher, danny night (damn, i don't know if it's knight or night), jay schuler, sharla hare, eric hinch, toby sanmiya, lesley blackie, henry sansom, dave thompson, gigi stout

- caroline o'reilly (went to gcvi), man, she was bloody amazing. the woman just oozed talent. seriously, she was a fabulous musician, and a great writer, and, well, just all around amazing. lost touch with her when she went to university (trent i think). last i heard she was in toronto, and i'm guessing her and reg (from gentleman reg) are still dear friends, so maybe what i'll do is go to the next gentleman reg show in toronto and try and stalk her...

- daryll anderson, (went to john f. ross, as with many of my friends) an ex who was wonderful and sweet and caring, and who we never ended up even kissing, both of us too chickenshit to make the first move. (we were 16ish at the time)

- jake branch (went to ross), he went to ross and was kind of an on again off again boyfriend, we had some strange undeniable connection to eachother, but weren't particularily good for each other. i have no idea where he is now, although i believe he's a pilot

- liz weefer (went to ross), who is apparently in ottawa these days. man, i loved that woman, she was awesome. i don't know, she just kind of disappeared from my life.

- chris mott (went to central in burlington), another dear friend from high school and university, but who disappeared after university (into the wilds of toronto... *grin*)

- claude giroux (from west ferris in north bay), ahhhhh. claude. those who know me will likely roll their eyes at this point. claude was the first man i ever fell in love with, but it was silly 'cause he lived 5 hours away and we were in high school. i finally 'broke up' with him after a couple years when i met john and realised it was the real thing (and apparently i was right, since we're still together and still madly in love almost 11 years later). i always wonder what every happened to claude. hockey playing, macho bein', not at all what people expected me to fall in love with kinda guy. good ol' claude giroux from north bay. yeah, i'm dying to know what ever happened to him and the rest of his life.

- from university the only one that leaps out is oleh premak (don't know how to spell the name), although i'd love to hang out with barb patterson-ward again someday.

so there is my big list of people i want to find out about. you'll notice there are a lot more men than women on the list, in my youth i tended to hang out with men a lot more, i was mostly 'one of the guys' my whole life. and in truth, those women that i did hang out with who were dear to me, mostly we're still in touch in some way.

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