Tuesday, February 08, 2005

the itchyness might kill me...

okay, i have some bizzarre thing going on right now. i have all sorts of little bites all over my body. well, not all over, but all over my legs and my arms. i don't know if they're bites but that's what they seem like, mosquito bites. they started yesterday after i'd been home for a bit, and this morning they're killing me. they're all over the place. so i don't know if they're actually bites, or if they're some kind of weird allergic reaction.

oh well, i guess the thing to do is wash and dry my sheets in hot hot water and vaccuum the stuff i've been sleeping on, because that might clear up whatever it might be, allergy or insect.

in the meantime i will spend every ounce of my being trying to not scratch all my skin off. la la la.

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