Saturday, February 05, 2005


okay, so, i'm now eating my delicious soup that was simmering while i wrote out the recipe for you folks (see the post below) and of course, i'm going blog while eating it.

while cooking tonight i was listening to finkleman's 45s, 'cause, well, i'm a glutton for punishment i guess. (i like the music, but danny drives me nutso) anyway, while listening i came to a bit of a revelation...

while danny was ranting about why there aren't traffic cops during rush hour i realised, danny basically has an audio blog. okay, not a blog specifically since it's not on the web, but really, his show is basically a once a week blog. the kind where you do nothing but complain about everything. so really, what i'm saying is danny is a man ahead of his time, since he's been doing this audio blog type thing for, well, as long as i can remember anyway.

see, the pearls of wisedom you get from this site are just amazing aren't they! *grin*

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