Monday, May 08, 2006

didja ever notice?

isn't it funny how you have to be in a specific brain space to blog about anything remotely interesting?

i'm not in that space right now.

i want to be. i think about how i'd like to write engaging things in this space, but all i can come up with is dulldrums of day to day life.

the funny thing is that i hate these times, but i don't seem willing to take time to do fix it. don't know what that is. there are stories i could tell, there are random thoughts i could write, there are even irrelevant commentaries on current events that i could make.

but for some reason i'm blocked. the same way i get blocked when i have too much to do. you know, you have a 20 page essay due in three days and you can't bring yourself to write even one sentence, or one that is much more common for me these days (what with finishing school 7 years ago...), i stand looking at the chotic mess that is the office and i want to clean it but i'm overwhelmed, i'm frozen, i can't move, i can't begin, i can't start, i'm just overwhelmed.

for some reason that's what blogging feels like right now. i want to do it but i can't bring myself to do it.

weird eh?

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